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Hello. I'm Erin.

I am a Cleveland-based creative specializing in production, project management, product and portrait photography. I also have experience in styling, art directing, and creative problem-solving.


I love traveling (yes, I’d be down to travel for a worthwhile project), spreadsheets (I’ve been told to seek “professional help”), fall leaves, and anything true crime (SSDGM). My spirit animal is a mix of Lorelai Gilmore, (minus the coffee…hard pass) and the Target Lady. If you are ever out in public with me, be prepared for me to pet every dog I see.


I enjoy living life with my daughter (Amelia), an English Bulldog (Maggie), and the dog’s fat cat (Wally).


Thanks for taking a gander at my work. I’d love to connect with you!

The Sidekicks.

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